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Meet some of our happy customers

We have been providing first class healthcare to New Malden and the surrounding area for the past 30 years.  Here are just a few of our happy patients! Thank you to all those who have taken the time to provide feedback about our services.


Pete Robinson , GB Rower

Nick’s chiropractic knowledge is backed up by his own experience in sport, giving him a great insight into how the body can get injured in the first place and what response your’re most likely to see from treatment.

He also uses skills from outside chiropractic to give a much greater flexibility in treatment options and so that a full rehabilitation programme can be instilled to prevent further injury.


Sports Chiropractor Nick Metcalfe working with Sir Nick Faldo at his last “The Open” (St Andrews, 2016).


Yvonne Brown, winner of the Antarctic Ice Marathon 2011.

Handwritten caption reads “Many thanks Nick, I would never have done it without you!!!”

Natalie Irvine, International Rower

I injured my back whilst rowing 2 months ago at home in Scotland, however, after moving down south to train in the local area the problem returned. Given that I was due to race in a weeks time I was extremely uncertain that I would be able to do so but the chiropractor could not have been more accommodating. They did everything they could to treat me in the time I had and I felt as though I was given the best level of treatment they could provide. The team had been recommended to me from a fellow rower so I knew they would be good but I was amazed that they were able to patch me up enough to allow me to race with no pain. They provided me excellent treatment in the health centre and sent me home with advice and aftercare which allowed me to look after myself between sessions. I 100% recommend them for top quality care.

Miss H, 28, Export Clerk 

“Great! The results are amazing and the headaches and stress have gone. Thank you”

Mrs S, New Mum, London

Thanks to Stefan, I feel more informed and equipped to support my sons development. Stefan has been following my son Dorian practically from his birth, and he has been great at gently reinforcing the benefits of supporting his development, and has encouraged me by providing practical techniques (including baby massage) that I can use at home.  Stefan is clearly very comfortable with babies and his passion for his profession and humble approach have made our sessions very enjoyable for both baby and mum!

Mr J, London

I have a Visually-Impaired 3 year old son with Global Developmental Delay and a Seizure Disorder. He was very lucky to have Stefan as his first Physiotherapist when he was just under a year old. Stefan not only showed confidence and knowledge, but also passion and commitment in helping and working with my son. I highly recommend him!

Mrs O, 33, Civil Servant 

As a new runner, I experienced very bad shin pain whenever I ran. I met Nick and he went through a thorough initial examination and explained the cause of the problem quite clearly. He established a course of treatment and exercises that really helped from the start. I am now gradually increasing the time I am able to run for. I am very happy with the results!

Mrs C, 93, Kingston, Retired

“The chiropractors have kept me mobile for many years and free from pain!”

Mr L, 66, Epsom, Taxi Driver 

“My back is feeling 100% better. Chiropractic is very valuable for me. Thank you”

Mrs L, 62, Wimbledon, Retired

“Reception staff are always helpful and the treatment and follow up are excellent”

Mrs H, 86, Raynes Park, Retired

“Have been seeing Dominic for many many years after suffering with a very painful back. He keeps me pain free and active”

Mr B, 52, Manager

I would just like to say a big thank you for the treatment you have given me on my back in recent weeks…. Following our first meeting and after every subsequent appointment my back pain has eased more and more, to the point where I am now leading a normal life again. Thank you for you professional expertise and for being able to remove the pain with such skill.

Mr M, 25, South West London, Solicitor

“Whereas most Chiropractors I’ve seen have listened for the first 15 minutes of contact then proceeded to treat only with a formulaic manipulation regime thereafter, Nick starts at step one each time assessing my condition and adapting his treatment technique to address each malady that I have brought his way.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Miss L, Midwife, London

Having experienced back pain for many years, a friend recommended Stefan’s great work to me. His vast combined knowledge of yoga, physiotherapy and massage created an incredibly unique and thorough assessment. Through a variety of yogi physio and massage treatments my back is feeling the strongest it has felt in years. Stefan is clearly passionate about his practice and this compliments his kind and thoughtful nature. I cannot praise him enough!

Miss W, 30, Teacher 

“After suffering exercise related pain in my hip and lower back, I received treatment from Nick that helped alleviate the pain almost immediately.

The care was always excellent and I was pleased to be feeling better so quickly. I was able to resume my regular exercise routine without any further pain. I found the whole experience professional and caring and would recommend them to anyone.”

Mr S, 26, Analyst 

“Been suffering from acute pain in the L4/5 lower spine recently, and given my history of back problems I needed an assessment/diagnosis. I found Nick extremely informative in explaining the cause and resulting issues of my back pain. This was then followed by an the opportunity to discuss the various treatment methods available, specifically what would be suitable for me personally and their particular strengths/weaknesses. Highly recommended”




Mr J, 27, Freelance IT services

After experiencing some pain in my back and ribs for several weeks while playing golf I decided to book an appointment with a chiropractor… After an examination he informed me that the problem originated from some shoulder instability and began treatment to relax the muscles involved. Initially I was advised to rest the shoulder completely and at the end of every session it was taped for added stability. During my fourth visit I was taken through some rehab exercises to do while on a month long work trip along with advice on a modified gym routine that would ensure the problem wouldn’t occur again. By the end of the first week of my trip any discomfort had vanished and I could feel a noticeable increase of strength with my shoulder movements. Now that I’m back the golf clubs have come out of the cupboard and I’m back to swinging freely again! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Miss E, 32, Personal Assistant 

“I started having bad stiffness and constant pain in my shoulder and down my right arm to the extent that I found it very hard to sleep and I was in agony in my desk job.

My partner had been to see Nick Metcalfe for lower back pain with good results and suggested I’d try it out. I went to see Nick myself and he was very thorough and professional in his examination and explained the cause of the problem to me in terms that where very easy to understand. I then began treatment for what was a vertebrae issue causing nerve pinching in my neck.

I had relief from pain within a day of the first treatment and long term relief after 2 to 3 months. Knowing my sister has had the same issue and has had to have spinal surgery to solve it, I am happy to say that I am now 5 months down the line, the pain is gone and I literally have got my life back.

Thank you!”

Mr G, 26, Twickenham, Banker 

“Fantastic service all around. I rang for an appointment and Nick saw me on the same day. When I arrived I couldn’t move my neck and shoulders. By the time I left I was almost back to normal! Nick was professional and welcoming, explaining exactly his process of diagnosis and treatment so that I understood and felt comfortable throughout. He gave me a great set of exercises, stretches and treatments to continue my recovery at home. Problem solved! I highly recommend the clinic and am very grateful for their excellent assessment and treatment”

Mrs K, 28, London, Interpreter/Translator 

“A few years ago I sustained a slipped disc and sciatica which caused me extreme pain and discomfort. The NHS told me the waiting list was 8 months long to see someone so I decided to go private which was the best choice I ever made.

The treatment I received was personalised to my injuries and the frequency of my visits to the chiropractor were gradually reduced from twice a week to once in 6 weeks as I got better. The exercises I was given help incredibly.

I live my very busy life and by continuing my exercises and having an occasional check-up it keeps things well. Nick is a very pleasant person, and doesn’t frown upon alternative medicine such as acupuncture or various supplements which I think is great and rare in a doctor’s world. Now thanks to Nick I can function like a normal human being again!

Thank you!”


Mrs S, 29, Accountant 

“Very pleased with the friendly and professional manner of all the staff. The treatment I have received exceeded my expectations and thankfully has remedied my condition”

Sir Nick Faldo, Professional Golfer and 6 times Major Championships Winner 

Attending for chiropractic treatment prior to his appearance at The 2013 Open Championship – Muirfield