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Chiropractor in New Malden – Are you in Balance?

Our Chiropractor Jake talks about Dizziness and Balance difficulties.


Dizziness is an outrageously common condition, which will affect 40% of the general public and 65% of people over the age of 60. It is increasingly common with age, and the causes are widespread and varied. We take our balance for granted because for most of the time it requires no thought at all.

However, balance is actually incredibly complex. It is only until our third decade of life that we really master standing upright. We are the only animals to do it for extended periods of time, and this is because it requires a large and powerful brain.

Balance requires the following three things: vision, the balance organs in your ears (i.e. the vestibular system) and sensation from your muscles, primarily in the neck and back. A change in the function of either one, or a change in the integration of that information, will result in a change of balance. 

To simply prove the above, stand with your feet together, and close your eyes. You should be very stable with little sway. Now with your eyes open, try lifting up one foot and see how long you can maintain your balance. With good health and co-ordination 20 seconds should be easily achieved. If safe to do so, try again with you eyes closed. There should be only a little difference.

Dizziness can range from a mild annoyance to a serious impairment. Many of us believe that it is normal to feel slightly unsteady. We might find we need support from a wall, walking stick or perhaps our partner in poorly lit environments. This isn’t something that should be tolerated, as falls are one of the leading causes of serious injury across all age ranges.

The common causes of chronic balance problems or dizziness may be due to changes in the bio mechanics of the neck, head trauma/concussion, previous ear infections or from benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BBPV).

A huge percentage of my patients consult me for their chronic neck and back pain, when really they should be consulting me for the balance or dizziness issues they are having. These patients have usually already spent a large amount of time and money consulting all kinds of different healthcare practitioners, often with poor or short-term results.

We see fantastic results with regard to these complaints through the prescription of specific exercises and therapies, which are tailored to treat the impaired balance and co-ordination malfunctions.

The results are normally quick, pain free and cost effective.

Don’t tolerate a life limited by your balance problems, book now, or contact us to ask whether we might be able to help you.
Jake Cooke MChiro, DACNB 

The Chiropractic Clinic
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