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shutterstock_150638897-1As our knowledge of the human body increases the old adage of a healthy body healthy mind  has never been more true. We evolved through and for movement, and the majority of neuron’s in our brain are geared to producing movement. As we move signals are sent from my muscles to our brain. This provides us with information on our posture, the strength of muscles, and speed of movement. Without this information it becomes increasingly difficult for the brain to produce healthy and normal movement. Furthermore this information is one of the key driving forces in brain activity.

In return the more information that the brain receives about the body the greater the control of muscles. This allows for better posture, better balance, and better coordination. This means that generally people will suffer from less pain and injury if they have an active lifestyle compared to those who are sedentary. The difficulty that we have in our modern culture is that many of us sit for a living. this results in less use of the muscles less feedback to the brain and therefore reduced control of those every same muscles. Resulting in poor posture, atrophy or wasting of the muscle and pain. We end up in a negative spiral. There has been a huge amount of research looking at the consequences a sedentary lifestyle and an incredibly wide range of health conditions.

One of the reasons chiropractors are able to help people with a range of health conditions is probably related to the ability to improve movement of the joints and muscles, and therefore improve the feedback to the brain. This results in improved posture, balance, coordination and a reduction in pain. It is also the reason that exercise and moving regularly over the day is so important. However, embarking on exercise while in a less than optimal state of health is not always advisable and it’s best to ask the opinion of a trained professional before starting.

The health care professionals at New Malden chiropractic clinic are highly skilled at the assessing the flexibility, strength, and coordination of muscles, as well as the mobility and stability of joints. Using this information we can create treatment program to help you reach your health goals whether that is to be pain free or to improve your movement and posture.

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