We do not have imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT, diagnostic ultrasound, bone density scanning) facilities on site but offer a number of quick referral routes to appropriate hospitals and health centres should you require this service.   

We are only able to refer patients after we have completed a full history and examination.  The process of obtaining images (or other tests required to make a diagnosis) will be discussed with you at your initial consultation appointment. Private X-rays and MRIs can often be arranged within 48 hours if required. 

Prices vary depending on urgency, location and type of imaging required.

What to Expect

Assessment & Report of Findings

Following your examination your practitioner will discuss their findings with you. If they have determined that further tests or imaging is required they can work with you to find the right referral option for you that suits your condition, time frame, location and budget.


We will assist in the booking process for the tests or scan required. A referral letter or imaging request form will be completed by your practitioner during your initial consultation (in most cases) and our reception team can help book you an appointment.

We work with a number of facilities in and around South-West and Central London and Surrey. The majority of these accept private medical insurance and self-funding patients. We also work closely with local GP’s should you require an NHS referral.

Results & Treatment

Depending of the nature of the tests required, your results will either be sent to you or directly to your practitioner at the clinic. Once these have been received and your practitioner has had the opportunity to review and discuss the findings with you treatment can commence.