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Your First Visit

We understand your first visit anywhere can be daunting. We hope some of this information will start to put you at ease.

1) History:

A complete case history is taken detailing the problems you complain of, any known reason for their onset and aggravating and relieving factors. Your medical history is considered as well as that of close family members.

2) Examination:

Every patient at The Chiropractic Clinic undergoes a full examination which includes physical, orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic tests to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Occasaionally X-rays or MRI scans are needed to gain more information about an injury. If this is the case, your chiropractor will explain how you can be quickly and easily referred for this.

3) Explanation:

Your chiropractor will evaluate your case and discuss with you the proposed treatment. This is called a “report of findings”.  We actively encourage questions so that you can feel confident you understand exactly what is happening and can be in the best possible position to share responsibility for your recovery and future health. The chiropractor will ensure you understand and are comfortable with everything before starting any treatment.


4) Treatment:

Nearly all patients are treated on the first visit. You may not receive treatment on the first visit if an X-ray or Scan is needed, or if it is not safe to do so.

Our chiropractors are trained to use a wide range of treatment techniques that will vary for each individual. Chiropractors are particularly skilled in joint manipulation which is a safe, gentle technique aimed at restoring correct movement to stiff joints around the body.  This is combined with muscle release techniques, dry needling (a form of acupuncture), stretching, massage, lifestyle and exercise advice, and exercise rehabilitative programmes.

The Chiropractors here at The Chiropractic Clinic often work together with other health-care providers such as your GP, physiotherapist, personal trainer or a specialist. With your permission your chiropractor may send a report to your GP informing them about your condition and the treatment you are receiving.X