Recent News Review – ‘Millions of people in England taking medicines they can find hard to stop’ The Guardian, September 10th 2019

Did you see the latest article in The Guardian discussing the increase in number of UK patients taking longterm medications for chronic conditions?  Whilst part of the article focused on the use of antidepressants and sleeping aids, the section that really caught our attention was the number of people using opioid painkillers for their back and joint pain.


More worrying, say the experts, are the half a million people who have been on opioid painkillers for more than three years for chronic conditions such as lower back pain and joint pain.

The Guardian 10th September 2019

Our team at The Chiropractic Clinic, New Malden are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many types of back and joint pain, whether it is an acute flare up or a long term condition (of course there are always exceptions!) Our ‘hands on,’ evidence based treatment techniques and exercise advice can be used to reduce pain and tension and restore movement.


Recent NICE guidelines for the management of Low Back Pain and Sciatica include the following

1.2.7  Consider manual therapy (spinal manipulation, mobilisation or soft tissue techniques such as massage) for managing low back pain with or without sciatica, but only as part of a treatment package including exercise, with or without psychological therapy.

So if you are struggling with chronic back or joint pain and are looking for other treatment options away from long term medication then get in touch.  We aren’t suggesting that you throw your prescription away(!) but we are confident we can offer advice and treatment that can go some way to reducing your symptoms.


Please note: if you are considering stopping or reducing any long term prescription medication it is important you discuss this with your GP or other medical practitioner who originally prescribed it, they will come up with a tapering plan to ensure you avoid withdrawal symptoms.